March 18, 2021

Your Brand Stories - Deana Morris, Wellness Worker, Eastbourne

Deana Morris - Wellness Worker, Yoga Instructor, Hypnotherapist

Eastbourne, East Sussex, UK

Last year a fabulous women called Deana contacted me to arrange a discovery call. She had been following me for a while on Insta and wanted a portfolio of images to better represent who she is, what she can offer and attract the right clients to her business.

Deana is a yoga teacher and hypnotherapist working with women in their second spring, so they can embrace all that life still has to offer.

Over our 1hr brand consultation, using Deana’s answers from my brand workbook, we devised a shoot that would capture the following…

Deana as a... 

  • passionate and experienced Yoga teacher
  • empathic listener
  • User of journalling and crystals
  • Professional hypnotherapist
  • Embracer of breath work
  • Full of life
  • Women who practices what she preaches
  • As open and trustworthy
  • Fun and full of life women

Looking at the highlights from her shoot, above, I hope you feel I captured this for her.

Deana has her images in folders, so she can quickly and easily find the right image for her content. 

Booking my premium package she has 150 stunning on brand images to choose from each day, meaning she has varied content and lots of inspiration. She has built a wonderful community of followers. Why? Because she shows up as her best authentic self, with confidence, and her professional images help with this.

Want to feel more confident to show up as your authentic self?

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